Public Address Loudspeaker for Indoor and Outdoor

Small weather resistant heavy duty loudspeaker for public address entertainment and announcements‭. ‬Fitted with two drivers optimized for background music and speech‭, ‬with priority for voice reproduction to ensure optimum level of speech intelligibility‭. ‬Fitted with a 3‭ ‬tab 100V transfomer for flexible adjustment of the radiated power to balance with the rest of the PA system‭. ‬Flexible options for mounting‭.‬

Typical applications‭:‬

  • Outdoor sound reinforcement systems‭.‬
  • Alarm systems‭.‬


  • All aluminium enclosure.
  • Flexible mounting.
  • Functional at low temperatures according to EN60068-2-1. Sealed to IP65.
  • Powder coated.
  • Customized mounting brackets.
  • Options Can be delivered with custom cabling, paint, and brackets.

Sketch with measurement‭ (mm)

Technical specifications

Rated power:
10 W

Transformer matching:
10W, 6W, 3W

Sound Pressure Level:
(1W/1m) 92 dB

Max Sound Pressure Level:
(Rated Power/1m) 101 dB

2,8 kg

Temperature Range:
+70°C -50°C

Frequency Response:
(-10dB) 150 – 19.000 Hz

196 x 127 x 115 mm


IP rating IP65:
(3 party testing) IP 65

Vertical Polar response:
(-6dB, 2/4 kHz) 60/36

IP 65
EN 60068-2-1

Vertical Polar Response – Frequency (Hz)

Selected optional accessories‭

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